• "No Hate, Classical Dance" by Ananya Dance Theatre

    Ananya Dance Theatre is a company of cultural activists and BIPOC women-and-femme artists who believe in the transformative power of dance where the lives and dreams of women of color occupy the center. The company creates original dance theater, drawing on social justice themes inspired by the stories of women around the globe. At home in Minnesota and on tour, it connects with transnational communities to interweave dance with stories of justice. Its artistic work unfolds through Yorchha™, a unique movement aesthetic of contemporary dance that draws on Classical Odissi, the martial art Chhau, and Vinyasa Yoga, to explore feminine energy and celebrate a feminist aesthetic. Ananya Dance Theatre premieres one original work with commissioned score annually. Since 2013, its performance home has been The O'Shaughnessy Women of Substance series at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota. It has performed and conducted residencies on tour in nine states and the District of Columbia. Internationally, it has visited the Harare International Arts Festival, Zimbabwe; National Academy for Performing Arts, Trinidad; Bethlehem International Performing Arts Festival, Palestinian Territories; Aavejak Aavaaz Festival, Pragiyoti International Dance Festival, and Natya Ballet Dance Festival, all in India; Ocean Dance Festival, Bangladesh; and the Crossing Boundaries Festival, Ethiopia, supported by the U.S. State Department. In June 2018, Ananya Dance Theatre acquired its first facility, located on University Avenue in St. Paul, at the confluence of the Rondo, Little Mekong, and Little Africa neighborhoods. It named its facility the Shawngram Institute for Performance & Social Justice. From there, it rehearses, conducts classes and workshops for the public, and hosts a variety of community activities.


  • "Classical Dance" by Nritya Kalakshetra Academy of Performing Arts

    On March 11, 2020 the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic.  Where life was continuing in a state of normalcy and the world continued to be a safe and happy place, wide spread news of the pandemic left all of us in a state of turmoil , distress, confusion and fear.

    All of us are still reeling from the shock of the accelerating spread of the disease, struggling to adapt to the new normal which has resulted in panic among the society and leading to lots problems .


    When the danger is invisible and all around what can one do to protect and nurture their family and loved ones?


    All of us know there is always a light at the end of the tunnel .

    Nritya Kalakshetra Academy of performing arts is proud to present to u Nava Kirana the new beginning.

    Conceived and choreographed by Guru Sivanuja Balaji.

  • "Kathakaar - the Storyteller, Classical Dance" by Katha Dance Theatre

    Samyabadi - Of Equality Of Equality I sing Where all barriers and differences Among people are vanished, Where Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists and Christians Have mingled together. it’s about you and me Being Equal It’s fair, it’s right and it’s just Title: Shiva Stuti He whose expressive body is the entire world, Whose speech is the universal sound,Whose ornaments are stars and the moon,To that pure Shiva we bow’ Title: Sufiana - Mein Hosh Mein Huun To Teera Huun In my senses, I belong to You. In my craziness, to You I belong.If a mystery, I belong to You. If a saga revealed, to You I belong.


  • "Classical Dance" by Natyakala Dance School

    Our world today is filled with challenges and many unpredictable situations. During times like these, it is important to be at peace and stay calm. What we present to you is a prayer to heal the world in the form of a dance “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu”. This means: may all the people in the world be happy, free, and live in peace. We hope to spread positivity and universal peace through our dance.

  • "Classical Dance" by Ragamala Dance Company

    Founded in the Twin Cities in 1992, Ragamala Dance Company preserves and promotes the rich heritage and artistic traditions of India through Bharatanatyam. Ragamala’s Directors, Ranee Ramaswamy and Aparna Ramaswamy are senior disciples of legendary dancer and choreographer Padma Bhushan Smt. Alarmél Valli, one of India’s greatest living masters.    Ragamala presents excerpts of our evening-length program, Body, the Shrine, which celebrates India’s Bhakti poets.   We open with an excerpt of Ishvara, choreographed and performed by Aparna Ramaswamy. Weaving together selections from the Vishnusahasranamam, the Sangam era poet Nallanduvanar, and the saint poetess Andal, we traverse the landscape between the sacred and the personal to express deep longing, ecstasy, and the desire to merge the soul with the Paramatman (Supreme Consciousness) which, in this case, is Mahavishnu.    We continue with an excerpt of Manamayakkum, in praise of the otherworldly grace of Sri Krishna and the ultimate duality of Krishna as both the Supreme One, god of gods, while remaining the most human—and therefore most attainable—of the Hindu deities. Choreographed by Ranee, Aparna, and Ashwini Ramaswamy, and performed by Ashwini, this piece is set to a composition by Oothukkadu Venkata Kavi.   We conclude with an excerpt of Paga Ghunguru, choreographed by Ranee and Aparna Ramaswamy, and set to the music of Mirabai, whose soulful poetry transcends regional, lingual, and historical barriers.


  • "Bollywood Love Songs" by Leher

    Leher group are a bunch of musicians from the Twin Cities of Minnesota, who are attaching the wings to soar in the sky of music. Today they present a unforgettable melodious journey through Bollywood. The songs all about being in and falling in love, and the feeling that these experiences bring to us...

  • "Heal The World" by Rima's Dance Group

    A message of peace, harmony and healing during these difficult times, represented by a unique combination of eastern and western culture - the fusion of Michael's Jackson's immortal poetry with the graceful movements of Bharatanatyam.

  • "Indian Patriotic Songs" by Desi Swag


    Kids will be dancing to a mashup of Indian patriotic songs from Bollywood. Costumes will be Tri color T's, Saffron , Green and White shirts with black pants.

  • "Samruddhi Naatya Shaale" by Chaitra

    Chaitra’s tryst with Bharatanatyam began at the young age. Her love for dance gradually changed to deep rooted passion and serious pursuit. Having undergone rigorous training under the guidance of Guru Asha Ravindra and Guru Dr. Mala Shashikanth, and mentoring in Abhinaya under Guru Preethi Bharadwaj, ever since she has bagged multiple appreciation, rewards, recognition, prizes, praises. Chaitra now explores her artistic pursuits in her home-studios in the Minneapolis and in Bangalore under the school name Samruddhi Naatya Shaale.


    Today Chaitra would be presenting a Bhajan - Shyam Tori  set in Ragam - Shivaranjani; Taala - Aadi and composed by Sur Das.

    In this bhajan Radha asks Krishna to give her his flute. She tries to request, demand and convinces him to give her the flute. Will she succeed?

    Radha suggests Krishna why don’t we switch places? She say’s she will play the flute melodiously wearing peacock feather crown and pitamabar dress, while he will wear her bhindi and chunnari.

    Radha ask’s him to carry pots of yogurt to Brindaavan and she will block his way and break the pot.

    She say’s why don’t you become Radha and I as Krishna.

    Such a divine love, that one cannot differentiate Krishna from Radha.


     This beautiful piece is choreographed by Guru Vaibhav Arekar and Mentored by Guru Preethi Bharadwaj

  • "Shape of You - Fusion Dance" by Fit n Fab
    The Fit n Fab members had so much fun putting this video together, keeping social distancing in mind. A tribute and parting gift to the singer of this beauty Vinod Krishnan, this video was shot in various landmarks in the twin cities area. Please "follow their lead" and practice social distancing. Stay healthy, stay safe!
  • "Skit" by Science of Spirituality

    Skit presented by Young Adults/Teens of the Science of Spirituality Minneapolis meditation Center. These young kids are stressed with their student life, pressure of studies, peer pressure of competition and social isolation due to the virus etc. They are seeing sickness and death, never seen by even their parents or grandparents. They are not able to focus and are searching for meaning of life in this chaos of life. What do they come up as a solution? Lets watch this skit to find out how they are evolving to become more spiritual and getting ready for tough life ahead

  • "Tamil Folk Dance" by Minnesota Tamil Sangam

    Minnesota Tamil Sangam(MNTS) conducts various programs and performances to enrich the Tamil Culture, language and traditional folk arts. In this performance, our members from kids to adults showed their talent of performing a variety of traditional folk arts described below. The live folk music was played from traditional instruments like Thavil, Naayanam, Parai, Pambai and Urumi. 1. Dummy Horse Dance - Poikkaal Kuthirai. Type of dance performed with a dummy decorated horse on stills. 2. Oyilattam - (Oyil - Beauty) - Traditionally a dance where few men would stand in a row with two kerchiefs performing rhythmic steps. 3. Mayilattam - Performers wear costumes from head to toe like peacock with beak and dance. 4. Kaalaiyattam - Performers wear costumes like bull and dance for the rhythm. 5. Silambattam - Silambam is a weapon- based martial art of Tamils, originated 2000 years back. Predominantly Rattan/Bamboo staff is used with 1000’s of forms. 6. Parai - This is considered as the oldest music instrument(Hand drum) used by Tamils, and all over India by the ancient population. This was mostly used as a communication mechanism to convey messages to people and celebrations in olden days. 7. Kaichilambam - Chilambam is an ancient ornament worn in legs, this unique traditional dance form is performed by shaking the chilambam accompanied by folk music. 8. Kummi - Kummi is a folk dance with rhythmic clapping and imitating various harvest activities. MNTS welcomes all community people to watch and enjoy this energetic extravaganza!

  • "Tribute to Saroj Khan" by Team Monazz
    Team Moanazz (formed in 2018) is paying tribute to Saroj Khan , legendary bollywood choreographer. They have danced on some of her iconic songs as a way to remember her. Team members are Chandrani Basak Datta , Shuchismita Dutta ,Sonam Ambasta, Ranupriya, Suruchi singh and Sapna Sengupta. The choreography,audio and editing has been done by Chandrandrani Basak Datta and Shuchismita Dutta.
  • "Agni" by Agni Indian Classical Dance Team
    Gayathri Dileepan, Preeti Pidatala, Shreya Anand, Priya Vijay
    Agni is the first Indian classical dance team at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Founded this year, Agni strives to cultivate an environment for individuals to embrace and immerse themselves in Indian culture through dance while away from home.  Their dance number includes a range of pieces beginning with purely classical Bharatanatyam and ending with modern fusion styles.
  • "Dynamite Firecrackers" by Shivani Dynamite Firecrackers
    Shivani Gupta
    The Dynamic firecrackers will blow you away with their youthful energy and you may need to think of “Dus Bahane’ to explain your attitude quickly start thinking about them as the kids are about to start dancing at the beat of "Dus Bahane Song" from the movie "Baaghi 3".
  • "Kolata Dance" by Srigannada

    Sirigannada team was found for performing Karnataka traditional and folk dance from Kannada community in Minnesota. We have performed Yakshagana, Kamsale, Valaga dance and Hulikunitha so far and for India fest 2020 we are performing Kolata.

    Kolata(folk) dance is practiced all over Karnataka to celebrate the spirit of festivals and prosperity

  • "Maitri" by Aparna Mandal

    Aparna Mandal

    Music and dance have their own language and it is universal. To Aparna Mandal, dance is more than just a beautiful art form and it is a way to communicate with people..her latest effort, ‘Ghar more Pardesiya’ is a creative semi-classical dance choreographed from the famous Bollywood film ‘Kalank’! Love & Grandeur come alive with this song. The song depicts Sita’s love for Ram.

  • "Majestic Firecrackers" by Shivani Majestic Firecrackers
    Shivani Gupta

    Get ready for The Magical firecrackers performing on the tapping beat of "Muqabala Song" from the movie "Stree Dancer 3D".

    We are sure you will do muqabala with the urge not to dance with them.

  • "Mangalacharan" by Twin cities Odissi
    Arpita Ganguly
    When one speaks of the culture of Odisha the mention of Odissi dance becomes a natural thing to do.Historians claim this dance form to be over 2000 years old making it the oldest practiced classical dance forms of India.During British Raj in India, there was a downfall of this beautiful art form.Post India's independence it was revived by the maestros and brought to a form that we see today.
  • "Mile Sur Mera Tumhara" by Woodbury Garage Band

    We are high schoolers who love all forms of music and enjoy sharing it with others. We hold our practices in our garage, hence the name “Woodbury Garage Band”.

    Aug 15th not only reminds us of the Independence of India from the British but also reminds us of oneness amongst all fellow citizens, irrespective of language or background. In the wake of the unrest around the world, we feel that this song sends a strong message of oneness. “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara, to Sur Bane Humhara”, meaning when your music and my music meet, it becomes our music. The song, written by Piyush Panday and arranged by Louis Banks in 1988. The lyrics of the song are set in many different Indian languages, reinforcing the idea that the language of music, no matter the differences we all have, will keep us united

  • "Pushpanjali" by Nritya Kalakshetra Academy of Performing Arts
    Sivanuja Balaji and Gayathri Dileepan
    Bharatanatyam has roots over 3000 years ago. Recently revitalized by Rukmini Devi Arundale in the mid-1900s, the Kalakshetra Bani was formed. Nritya Kalakshetra Academy of Performing Arts strives to continue her legacy. This team will showcase Pushpanjali.   Pusphanjali is an invocatory piece, welcoming the audience and praying to the almighty.
  • "Shankarabharanam Varnam Excerpt" by Students of Ragamala School
    Ranee Ramaswamy and Aparna Ramaswamy
    Founded in the Twin Cities in 1992, Ragamala Dance Company preserves and promotes the rich heritage and artistic traditions of India through Bharatanatyam. The team is planning to showcase an Excerpt of VarnamVarnam is the centerpiece of a Bharatanatyam repertoire, incorporating both nritta, or rhythmic dance, and abhinaya, the silent language of gesture and expression.
  • "Vagyo Re Dhol" by Gujarati Samaj of Minnesota
    Hetal Patel
    Gujarati Samaj of Minnesota  is one of the largest cultural organizations in the Midwest, with thousands of Gujarati-speaking members and supporters.  For IndiaFest 2020, Team GSMN is proud to present an exciting Bollywood Dance.