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A non-profit organization that has straddled over four decades of community service since its inception in 1973, India Association of Minnesota (IAM) aims to build a strong and cohesive community of over 50,000-strong Asian Indians in the state of Minnesota. Through its three-prong mission of  Culture, Charity and Connections, IAM seeks to build bridges of understanding between the Asian Indians and the society at large within the state and the country, connect Minnesota with India through events that promote cultural understanding and heritage, provide charitable hand to causes here and in India, all the while functioning as the umbrella organization to the multitude of regional organizations in the state.

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Here are the IAM By-Laws


Our Activities

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Connect India is a platform for all Indian Organizations around Minnesota to come together and share our mission, goals and explore areas where we all in the community can cooperate and collaborate.



 February 17th, 2018 5 PM


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Connect Asia aims to build a strong and cohesive community of professionals of Asian Origin, network & share best practices with Asian Employee Resource Groups as well as Engage with Minnesota State Government agencies such as CAPM for advancing the interests of Asians at the state level and at all these levels.





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IndiaFest - perhaps nothing defines IAM as well and as definitively as its signature event India Fest. Held annually at the grand St. Paul Capitol grounds, IndiaFest is a colorful and festive celebration of the rich culture and heritage of India, presented, organized and executed by IAM every August. The Governor’s office has declared that day India Day as a nod to the growing and diverse population of Asian Americans in the state. 

From mid-morning till night fall, the day is packed with flag hoisting, honoring outstanding students with deserved scholarships, children’s activities and above all, scintillating cultural programs presented by state stalwards like Raagmala, Katha Dance Theater, Aananya Dance and Pangea. The streets of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. are packed with street vendors and food vendors.

One of the highlights of the event is a regional organization parade presenting states of India and the cultural diversity that each state brings. IAM has been the representative organization for over 40,000 Indian-Americans in the Twin Cities since 1973.


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Golf Tournament  held in August is the successful fundraising event through a day of golfing and networking. The proceeds raised through this event goes towards helping a charity either here or in India as part of IAM’s tri-goals of Culture, Connection and Charity. Last year’s NGO was Aavishkar, a non-profit based in India.




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 Dhanywad - The success of IAM is due to the continued support from the community leaders, volunteers and students. Each December, a grand event called Dhanyawad, literally meaning Thank You, is organized in order to show that IAM cares and acknowledges this support – without which none of the IAM signature events would be possible to run as flawlessly as it has been running the past few years.