COVID19 Relief

IAM, along with our community partners and organizations, launched the COVID-19 emergency relief fund (CERF) to help people afffected by Coronavirus pandemic in Minnesota. By contributing to this fund, community members can come together for a joint show of #ForceForGood to combat the suffering and help Minnesotans at this time of great need. Please join us and be part of this effort by the Asian Indian community in Minnesota.


Since March, we have raised over $100,000 through the generous donations of community organizations and individuals.

With this money, we can help alleviate hardship in our Minnesota community. Our community volunteers are helping to supply personal protection equipment(PPE) for first responders and community health organizations, meals and groceries for hungry Minnesotans, and cash to food banks in hard-hit communities around the state. We can all be proud of our community for the following humanitarian work accomplished to date:

  • 12,500 masks sewn and supplied by 150+ volunteers
  • 7,500 masks; other types 
  • 788 face shields
  • 43 Gallons of Hand Sanitizer, 689 disinfectant wipes
  • 720 Gowns
  • 160 disposable gowns, 3,300 gloves
  • 8500+ meals provided; cooked food, groceries to food banks
  • $20,000 cash donations to food banks
  • 10,745 miles driven by 300 volunteers from 20 partner organizations

The Covid-19 crisis is not over yet - each day brings increasing demad for food and PPE supplies. We are very much concerned about the anticipated second wave of Coronavirus.

Please help us reach this ambitious goal.  Demonstrate the altruistic spirit of our community by contributing to help Minnesotans in need.

Please donate generously at any of the following donation levels:

  1. Diamond : $5,000+
  2. Platinum : $2,000+
  3. Gold : $1,000+
  4. Silver : $500 +
  5. Bronze : $100 +
  6. General : Any amount under $100


This relief fund will supplement the financial needs (allocation in parenthesis) of local non-profit organizations engaged with the following services:

1. Assistance to food-insecure children, seniors, students, homeless, or otherwise vulnerable populations (50%) 

2. Supplying medical equipment, materials or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (35%)

3. Assistance to those whose employment has been affected by the shutdown (10%)

4. Assistance to MN Blood Banks (5%)

Fund Disbursement:

Food Workgroup - $15,000
IAM workgroup serving organizations like SEWA-AIFW, Loaves & Fishes, etc. with cooked meal and grocery donations

PPE Workgroup -$25,000
IAM workgroup providing fabric masks, disposable masks, gowns, and other PPE supplies to healthcare workers

Sheridan Story - $8,000
Local organization fighting child-hunger. The Sheridan Story focuses on the food gaps when children aren’t able to receive free and reduced meal programs

Meals on wheels - $8,000
Meals on Wheels is a community-based service that provides fresh, nutritious meals delivered directly to the homes of seniors and individuals with disabilities throughout the Twin Cities.

North Country Food Bank - $2,000
Food Bank serving 21 counties in northwest and west central MN

Channel One Regional Food Bank - $2,000
Food Bank serving seniors, individuals with physical or mental-health disabilities, working families and individuals, people in times of crisis due to job loss, medical problems or personal disaster, and food shelves, programs and agencies in 14 counties in southeast MN

On prior approval by the Grants Steering Committee, the fund may reimburse the actual costs incurred by any organizations and/or individuals for services mentioned in Fund Objectives with proper documentation.

We will add more Organizations to the list as needs develop and donation funds become available.