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The goal of this census is to count every living person in the U.S. once, only once, and in the right place. We need your help to make sure that everyone in our community gets counted. This two-minute video explains why Link

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Everyone counts. This two minute video explains why In English: Link In Hindi: Link



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YES. If you have been in Minnesota for 6 months and a day in Minnesota as of April 1 and have lived here, you should be counted. If you are an Asian Indians who is a citizen or have a green card or H1B visa, other work visas and student visa you will be counted. Many Indians in Minnesota live in apartments, they need to be counted.


Census Reference Information

Census 2020 and Confidentiality YES. Any information you share is confidential. Please read for additional details
Census Factsheet for Immigrant and Foreign-born Audiences Informs how everyone is eligible as long as they are in Minnesota for 6 months and 1 day as of April 1
How the 2020 Census will invite everyone to respond Distribution of how many people will be asked to fill on-line, written form or filled by a Census worker
Sample Copy of the 2020 Census Invitation Invitation will be mailed starting March 12th. The invitation is sent to an address, not people. So even if an individual just moved in an apt or house recently, they can use the Census ID provided in the form to input their Census data on-line.
Your Guide to the 2020 Census What types of questions are asked in the form? These guides will be available in 9 Indian languages
2020 Census Sample Questionnaire in English Questions in a paper form. Same questions are asked on-line, just in a different format. ONLY 1 Census form PER HOUSEHOLD. All people living within the household will be identified individually.
How to submit the online form Once you receive the invitation, you can submit it online. This helpful video, describes the process in nine Indian languages
Factsheet for College Students College students living on campus will submit their own form. If they are in a dorm, the document comes from the dorm team lead. If rooms are shared, both roomies will submit 1 form. Same applies to those living in an apartment.