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 India Association of Minnesota partnered with Mayflower Foundation and Women’s Spiritualty Group to present Yoni Ki Baat, a play by Ekjut Production.  Yoni Ki Baat is a unique attempt aimed at raising awareness around social justice issues, especially those pertaining to South Asian women and women of color.The majority of proceeds raised through ticket sale were donated to SWEA-AIFW, an organization that helps victims of domestic violence in the South Asian community.

The play was held at the Mayflower Congregational Church in Minneapolis, MN on Saturday, April 30th 2016. Women Empowerment is one of the goals of IAM for 2016 and Yoni Ki Baat helped achieve this goal. Nearly 200 people attended the event and Bollywood Dance Scene partnered with Ekjut for the play.

The play, enacted in 10 soul-searing stories told by different actors who travelled all the way from Chicago, was based on real-life events and narratives by women of color who had faced domestic violence, prejudice, social injustice and rape.

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