Minnesota Indians Oral History 1992-2014

IAM will honor and recognize all narrators of India Oral History Projects collaborated with Minnesota Historical Society at the IndiaFest on August 15, 2015 between 2-3.30 PM.

Please attend the event and salute these individuals and organizations who have contributed to Minnesota and Indian Cultural Heritage over 50 years.

Oral History Project 1 1993-1995

The experience of the earliest Asian Indian Immigrants to Minnesota (1950-1960s era) were interviewed and recorded. Sixteen (16) people were selected from a diverse background of geographical regions, languages, religions and customs of India. These narrators are: MJ.Abhishaker, Indru Advani, Pennamma Cherucheril, Ram Gada, Aparna Ganguli, Mansur Kassim Lakhani , P.C. Mangalick, Sudhansu Misra, Mahendra Nath, Vimla Patel, Ranee Ramaswami, Dr. Kusum Saxena, Dr. Abul Siddiqui, Bash Singh, Sister Jancy & Sister Tresa Jose.

Oral History-Project 2 1997-1998

The experiences of fifteen (15) youth (children of early Asian Indian Immigrants) who were living in two cultures, one Indian at home and other American outside home in daily life. These narrators are: Ramona Adwani, Simi Ahuja, Satveer Chaudhary, Ina Ganguli, Alim Kassim, Suruchi Patanker Kelly, Geeta Saxena Gibson, Nirupama Misra, Alli Naithani, Guptan Nambudiripad, Deepak Nath, Lisa Gada Norton, Aparna Ramaswami, Rajiv Shah, Vishant Shah.

Oral History Project 3 1999-2000

This project includes interviews of eight (8) Asian Indians living in Outstate Metro area, new IT immigrants arrived to help in Y2K, and immigrants who adopted or moved to other part of the world.These narrators are: Lincoln Gada, Sunanda Iyengar, Ravinder Manku, Neelam Naik, Krishnan Nambudiripad, Jonathan Remund, Dr.Ved Sharma, Nayana Ramakrishnan.

Oral History Project 4 SILC 2000-2001

School of India for Languages and Culture (SILC), founded in 1979 was celebrating its 20 years milestone. SILC is engaged in teaching several Indian languages, history, geography, dance, music, yoga and cooking. SILC is a secular institution served by volunteer, teachers, parents and volunteers. These 13 narrators are the founders, teachers, students and officers of SILC: Neena Gada, Ketan Gada, Anoop Mathur, Shruti Mathur, Preeti Mathur, Manas Menon, Rajan Menon, Rita Mustafi, Godan Nambudiripad, Rama Padamnabhan, Punjabhai Patel, Shanti Shah, Chitra Subrahmanian.

Oral History Project 5 IAM 2003-2005

IAM was founded in 1973 had reached 30 year milestone. This project interviews twelve (12) people who narrated the growth of this great secular organization uniting all Asian Indian immigrants in Minnesota. These narrators are: Jagdish Desai, Gummadi J. Franklin, Neena Gada, DeepShikha Gupta, Dilip Mallick, Ashoke Mandal, Niru Misra, Sarat Mohapatra, Godan Nambudiripad, Stefan Peterson, Shanti Shah, Vasant Sukhatme.

Oral History Project 6 IMSOM 2010-2011

Indian Music Society of Minnesota (IMSOM), was founded in 1980, fosters an understanding and appreciation of the music of India through classical music performances from visiting professional artists of international reputation. IMSOM and MHS have archived 160 digitized musical concerts of visiting musicians to Minnesota going back over 30 years. These narrators are: Dr. V. Premanand, S. Ramakrishnan& Nayana Ramakrishnan, Dr. A. Pavan, Dr.Amita Kelekar, Dr. Jay Jayraman, Krishna Prasad, Cliff Sloane.

Oral History Project 7 Ragamala Dance Company 2012-2013

Ragamala Dance Company was founded by Ranee Ramaswami in 1992 to express and appreciate classical dance form of Bharata Natyam to Minnesotans, the USA and the world. Ragamala and MHS have archived digitization of over 20 years of dance performances. These narrators are: Ranee Ramaswami, Aparna Ramaswami, Ashwini Ramaswami,Cliff Sloane, Godan Nambudiripad, Jeff Bartlett, Tamara Nadel, Louise Robinson

Oral History Project 8 Katha Dance Theater 2012-2013

Katha Dance Theatre (KDT) was founded by its artistic director, Rita Mitra Mustaphi in 1987. Its mission is to preserve the Kathak dance culture of Northern India. These narrators are: Pandit Birju Maharaj, Guru Saswati Sen, Daniel Gabriel, Robert Robinson, Derek Phillips, Rita Mustafi, Kalyan Mustaphi, Sharon Varosm, Asha Sharma, Frances Boehnlein, Marcia Boehnlein, Myron Johnson, Dayna Martinez, Patricia A. Mitchel, Shelley Quiala, Sangeeta Jain, Bob Burns, Pooja Newcom, Vicki Benson, Cliff Sloane.

Oral History Project 9 Hindu Society of Minnesota 2013-2014

Hindu Society of Minnesota (HSMN) was founded in 1978 to provide temple for worship, to conduct religious, spiritual and cultural activities for the Hindu Community. It has built a magnificent temple in Maple Grove, Minnesota. It is one of the largest traditional Hindu temple in North America with 21 mini-temples under one roof. These narrators are: Sushumna Tandon Aggarwal, Vishal Agarwal, Raj Balasubbramanian, Anandi Balaubbramanian, Annika Borgaonkar, Byron Byraiah, Murali Bhattar,Dr. S.K. Dash,Dr. Vaddu Chari, Mythili Chari Kanak Dutt,Ram Gada, Punjabhai Patel,Nayana Ramakrishnan,Dr. Shashikant Sane, Dr. Kumud Sane, Dr. Kusum Saxena, Dr.Krishna Mohan Saxena, ,Narender Venkata,

Oral History Project Supporters

Thanks to all interviewers, transcribers, coordinators for their time and talent to make these projects complete: Polly Sonnifer, Dan Rein, Joy Islam,Lata Menon,Raj Menon, Godan Nambudiripad, Ram Gada and many more.

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